Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paw It Forward

So today I checked my mail and guess what was in it?!?! A Paw It Forward present from Tabatha and Tracker! Now, you might be wondering what exactly Paw it Forward is. Well have you ever seen that movie "Pay it Forward"? This is like that but dog related lol. You get a doggy present from another person on blogger world and then you have to give 3 other blogger world people a present. They don't have to be huge and extravagant just something little and thoughtful to spread the nice :)

I actually tracked it back through 8 blogs! The 8th being about a Great Dane named Murphy and had nothing to do with guide dogs lol. They had mentioned who had sent them the Paw It Forward present but there was no link so my investigation came to a close.. Oh and that present was sent at the beginning of December! 9 blogs in 4 months! Well, if everyone has sent their 3 gifts then it should be a whole lot more - I don't even want to do the math lol.

Anyways here is all the goodies we got from T-squared - that's their new name, I just made it up :) (original right hahaha).

We got a nice card and some note pads 
(one that has a magnet for the fridge).
Some little stickies to mark pages and such in books 
and notes that have little puppies on them.
A great picture frame with a picture of Bob in it. 
Bob (and Egypt) got some Oregon-Made doggie 
treats and a great tug toy (not in the picture).
Picture of all the stuff mentioned above, the pads and stickies are from the AKC and have cute pictures of labs on them. The picture of Bob is one in his puppy jacket, it is black and white photo and has his name on it with red hearts around his name

Here's the tug toy! right after I snapped the picture Egypt
ran in and knew exactly what that toy was for lol.
Bob in a semi play boy chewing on his tug toy. It's green and tan and brown - boy colors lol

Here they are waiting nicely for the dog cookies we got.
Egypt sitting nicely looking up at me on Bob's left side, Bob is laying on the floor looking up at me.

One second after they got them. I have no idea how they switched spots lol.
Both dogs standing with their heads down munching on their treats

Bob eating his cookie. He's so messy, he left crumbs on the floor
I had to point them out so he would finish them lol.
Close up of bob's nose down close to the floor, there are a few bits of cookie on the floor that he's working on.

If you would like to participate in the Paw it Forward program leave a comment with the word "Bob-O" in it. The first 3 people will get little presents from Mr. Bob ;)

If you're not one of the first 3 and still want to participate be sure to check the comments and check the other blogs that get mine and try for theirs! Or just start one of your own! Lets have fun with this!

Oh and I forgot to throw this picture in earlier - My favorite :)

This was taken on my phone as we came back to the 
apartment from throwing the trash - they are too cute :) 
Qena, Egypt and Bob laying in front of the patio door waiting for us to get back.


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Bob-O! What a fun thing to do!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Bob-O. That's a good idea! Love the photos.

Megan, Paris & Fullerton said...

Bob-O. How fun!

Natalie said...

Wow, those spots went fast! lol. Ok if ya'll could all email me ya'lls addresses I will try and have your gifts out soon. It won't be till after Tuesday tho because I have an exam lol.

Email address is

Tabatha said...

Yay!! Glad they liked the cookies and the tug toy!! And just think now you will have the cutest markers ever in your textbooks. I gotta tell ya it was hard to part with the chocolate lab pad! ;)

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Looks like Bob enjoyed his gifts! It's kinda cool seeing it go around - I sent it to Tabatha, see sends it to you, you send it to others... !

Toby's Raiser