Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Um lots of stuff

Ok, so I have a lot to blog about but not all in this blog.. haha. This will be a post about Bob's first training walk with our Puppy Raising Manager Michelle! Yay! So, first off, I forgot my camera so no cool pictures.. sorry :(

Second - his walk went great. First thing we did was learn how to find seats. We practiced on the outside chairs at Habanero's Grill. Basically its just repetitive 'find the seat' and we target the chair we want and reward when we get there. Oh and we have to sit in it! We found 4 chairs I think and then Michelle taught us how to find a door and the different ways to walk through them. Depending on whether its a left or right opening door will depend on how we walk through it, for the dog's protection. So after we learned chairs and doorways we made the short walk over to the Bass pro shop. In there we learned how to find the steps and how Bob is supposed to step up on them. We didn't really have to learn that one because Bob has been doing it from day 1. When I told Michelle this she said it was probably me projecting onto Bob; because I'm used to Darrell and Egypt I stop at all 'steps' anyways so I just anticipate him to do it too... Oh puppy brains - I don't really understand you but I like how you work!

Ok, so we get up the steps at Bass Pro and encounter big scary lions, Bob seemed kind of curious at first and then attempted to run away but it didn't really seem to affect him too much lol. We then introduced him to a 200$ plastic duck (decoy).. he didn't even give it a second sniff lol. So we headed back down the stairs - Bob sitting at each break. We leave Bass Pro and head back to Habanero's where I got chips and queso and Be Oh Be got nothin!

Here is the only picture of the day - courtesy of Michelle's cell phone.

A picture of Bob sitting in between my feet as I sit in a chair. His head is cocked to his left and his ears are perky

P.S. More posts to come soon. Promise. 


Tabatha said...

Good Job Bob!! Sounds like you really got a good one there!!

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Bob's clearly off to a great start...way to go!