Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sorry it has been forever since I updated but after Spring break I have had test after test after homework and all kind of crazy stuff! Anyways, remember back on the 20th, you know like a week and a half ago... Well that day (Saturday) was Guide Dogs of Texas' annual Volunteer appreciation day and Bob and I were invited! We saw all the puppies that are growing up right now! There were Bob's two 'sisters' and Alfie was there and there were so many German Shepherd puppies that I couldn't tell you who was who! There were a few speeches from certain members of the staff; one that I remembered the best was made from our Puppy Raising Manager Michelle where she awarded me a special certificate for raising Bob! I even got a little trophy :)

Throughout the speeches we learned that puppy raisers alone volunteer about 26,000 hours. Or something like that lol.. its a lot! 

So anyways, there's more! Mr. Bob-O and I received another award this week - we actually got it from two different people! We received the Happy 101 award from both Pompei's Raiser Erin and from Beth and Alfie

Picture of the Happy 101 award. It looks like a pink recipe card that has cupcakes in the background and Happy 101 across the top. In the bottom right corner it has a tabbed page that says Sweet Friends, Add Kind words, mix in Sweet thoughts Enjoy good times. The tab says thank you.
So the rules of this award is to list 10 blogs that make you happy and 10 things that make you happy! However, I think 10 is just a little too much for me to handle so I'm going to have to cut those numbers in half. Sorry :/ lol. So lets start with the blogs!
1. Alfie's of course! 
2. Pompei's - I have to return it! 

Ok I guess there can be a 6... 
6. Darrell and Egypt - even though he never posts!!! 

As for things that make me happy! 
1. When Bob-O is perfect in class ;) - well anything Bob really... 
2. Soup :) 
3. My Camera! 
4. The Office - best show ever!! 
5. Having a fiance that is taking care of all the wedding research and things! 

P.S. The reason he is doing this is because we are thinking about having our wedding on a cruise - so yeah, he's taking care of all the calls and emails!! For now at least! 


Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Toby was given this award last week, I love how it spreads over all the blogs!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Thanks for the award!!! We especially enjoy yours as well!

Ro said...

Awww thank you! I got them from L^2 as well but have been too busy to post and nominate. Now you're taken too hahaha! Cruise eh? Awesome!

Congrats on the puppy raiser award!! Thank you for being a puppy raiser!